Is Your Yard Ready for Summer? Time to Spring into Some Lawn Care

Spring is in the air. That means it’s prime time for parties on the lanai, in the pool, and in your backyard. With all of that sociability, the odds are good that you’re starting to give some serious thought to your yard. In the spirit of spring, here are some great lawn care tips that you can do on your own. Proper care will ensure that your yard and your home is looking its best.

  1. Use a rake to give your lawn an instant makeover.

    Now that winter is over, there is sure to be a lot of debris in the yard. During the winter, even though we don’t freeze here, we do have drier weather than usual. The odds are good that some of your plants didn’t get enough moisture. Other plants might not have made it, and they’ve died right in their beds. Besides the usual suspects like annual flowers, some bushes, plants, and even trees may have seen better days. The first step to cleaning a yard is to get rid of the old, dead plant material. This allows for new plants to grow and for new ideas to come to life.

  2. Get plugs to fill bare spots in your yard.

    You may have bare spots in the yard as well. Spring is a great time to fix those bare spots either by spreading grass seed or using sod plugs. The grass plugs will keep the appearance of the well-maintained yard and will enhance your home’s curbside appeal instantly. If you notice bare spots or areas where the grass is dead, you might want to call in a pro. These turf problems can indicate the presence of lawn pests or disease. Plugging any bare spots can cure turf diseases and is also easy to do.

  3. Fertilize, then water.

    Another great task to get done in the spring to help keep your lawn looking green and healthy is to fertilize it. Fertilizers are perfect for reactivating the lawn’s growing cycles and for feeding it nutrients that are hard to get naturally. Even though a lawn may receive a lot of sun and moisture, it is still not a native grass, and further nutrient feeding is required. Getting the lawn fertilized in the spring is an excellent way to help keep your lawn looking great throughout the summer. When fall comes around, fertilize it again as it loses sun strength and moisture to keep it healthy through those months a well.

  4. Check your irrigation system.

    Having a good irrigation cycle set in the spring will ensure a healthy lawn through the summer. Having too much moisture or not enough moisture is not good for a lawn, as both can lead to them turning brown or becoming bare. Giving the right amount of water to the right areas will help keep the grass looking evenly green. You can determine these areas in the spring and set up the system to keep your lawn green throughout the summer.

  5. Watch your grass grow.

    An important spring green lawn care tip is to keep an eye on the grass blades. This is an easy way to determine whether your lawn has enough water or is parched. When there is a lot of moisture, the grass blades stay open to bring in the most sun and moisture possible. When the grass is closed, the plants are protecting themselves and praying for rain. Keeping an eye on areas of closed and open grass blades will help you determine where nutrients and moisture are needed. Ignoring these easy signs of healthy grass will hasten the development of brown and bare spots.

Keeping an eye on the lawn and performing some preventative maintenance will help your grass stay green throughout the summer. Rather hire a pro to tend to your lawn? The Better Business Bureau has a list of recommended lawn care companies online.

Looking at the behavior of your lawn will help you determine what areas need attention and taking early action will help keep that lawn healthy throughout the summer. When your grass is green, and you paint the exterior of the house, your home will look its best.