The Latest Interior Painting Ideas For Homeowners in the Tampa Bay Area.

Painting the interior of your home is an easy upgrade that makes a big difference. Don’s Painting not only provides expert painting results but can also help you keep your home looking up-to-date and beautiful with advice on the latest indoor painting trends.

Popular Paint Colors

Here are a few popularly requested popular paint colors for different rooms of the house:

  • Bedroom Colors

    Consider how you prefer the mood of your bedroom before choosing the color of its walls. Popular colors include muted blues and purples for calming and light yellows and marigolds for energizing. Blush pink is also a trending choice for a romantic feel. If you’re looking for something edgy, a soft black for one or more walls will give the room a lot of character.

  • Bathroom Colors

    Since most bathrooms are just a small corner of the home, many people like to get a little more adventurous with paint color. Bathrooms in 2019 are seeing bright statements like hot pink, cyan and violet. A bathroom is a place to relax, so neutrals and pops of pastels and are still a popular choice.

  • Living Room Colors

    Living rooms are a cozy spot in the home. Warm terracottas, earthy greens and gentle grays are frequent picks this year.

  • Kitchen Colors

    The kitchen is a high-energy location for many families. Moody and deep colors are having their moment in the kitchen.

  • Office Paint Colors

    An office space should promote productivity in every way possible, and wall paint is a simple yet effective way to help accomplish this. A non-distracting off-white is perhaps the best choice for most, but sunny yellows and balancing greens are modern choices to evoke your preferred work mood.

Explore applying trending interior paint colors to areas of your home that you may have overlooked. A few places to get creative include:

  • Garages
  • Ceilings
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Trim
  • Brick walls

Paint Color Ideas For Small Rooms

The general rule you should keep in mind when selecting a color for a room with limited space is that a lighter color will help open up the area, and a dark color will make it seem even smaller.
It might seem like white paint is your best option to enhance the room’s size, but white isn’t the only choice you have for this effect. You can get a little more creative with pastels or light neutrals.
Alternatively, you could choose to embrace the size of your room and create a cozy feel with dark, soothing colors such as charcoals, denim blues or umber.

Accent Walls

From Pinterest to online blogs to your neighbors’ homes, accent walls are everywhere. An accent wall breaks up the monotony of traditional matching walls. It’s a small choice that can really change the overall look of the room for the better.
It’s important to understand the dos and don’ts of accent walls before making any decisions:

  • Do consider neutrals as accents. If there isn’t a lot of color in your home, sometimes a contrasting neutral is the best choice.
  • Don’t overlook bold colors. There are many ways to coordinate a bolder color with the rest of your home. Try matching the color with small features in the rest of the room, like paintings, shelving or vases.
  • Do think about stripes. A whole room of stripes can be overwhelming, but one wall of stripes can be fun.
  • Don’t forget what furniture and decoration needs to lay against the color of your accent wall.

Painted Interior Doors

When driving around town in Tampa, St. Pete or Clearwater lately, you have probably noticed the eye-catching front door paint colors on many houses. You may not be aware that these house paint colors have also gone indoors in 2019. Painted interior doors are a way to get the fun, trendy effect of an accent wall while committing to a much smaller space.
Match all the doors or selectively paint them bold colors to have your own unique take on the style.

Additional Paint Colors 2019

It’s an exciting time for interior house paint. Homeowners are choosing to renovate their spaces in ways that are creative and personalized while sticking to certain looks that avoid being tacky and disordered. Some other ideas to toss around include:

  • Accents in jewel tones
  • Throwbacks to neutral classics such as grays and beiges
  • Deep, unique reds and purples
  • Soft, warm pinks
  • Pairing coral with teal to create a beachy look
  • High-gloss finishes
  • Colorful kitchen cabinets
  • Glow-in-the-dark murals

Finally, consider plain white. Shades of white are timeless, and we never stop getting requests for this clean look. A white room with light-colored furnishings creates a very modern, upscale look.

Use an Interior Painting App To Help You Decide

Ultimately, what looks best for your home is going to be dependent on your existing decor. Try a paint color match app for a fun, fast way to try out colors that tie in with the rest of your pallette. You also may want to consider ideas for exterior house paint colors to make whatever paint style you choose more cohesive.

Or, Let Don’s Bay Area Painting Help You Decide

Call Don’s Bay Area Painting today to discuss any trending interior paint colors that you would like to see in your own home. We can guarantee that our work will be even, durable and true to your vision.