What Do You Do with Your Tax Refund?

It is tax season, and that means that it is also tax refund season. Half the fun of getting a refund is spending some time imagining what you’ll do with it. So many options! Why not reinvest your refund into your biggest asset – your home?

Even though there are lots of ways you could spend that refund that would be loads of fun, if you pour it back into making your home even better, your choice will pay off big time in how much you enjoy your home as well as when you go to sell it someday. Plus, by sprucing up your home now, you’ll be ready for summer entertaining and lounging by the pool.

Here are ten exciting (or not so exciting!) ways you could use your tax refund to improve your home:

  1. A new water heater keeps you from getting the cold shoulder.

    A water heater is something that people do not think about until the heater breaks. Investing in a water heater now will help keep your hot water running when you need it most, which is usually whenever you are at your home. It also helps to have the most energy-efficient model when selling the home.

  2. Paint the exterior of your home.

    Painting the exterior of the home will help make your home look better from the outside. This project tends to cost some money, and people don’t usually have the amount on hand. The extra money from your tax return can help with the home painting budget. Hiring a professional painting contractor to paint your home will make an older home with chipping or peeled away paint look good as new.

  3. Pressure washing gets rid of all of the gunk.

    Mold, mildew, and dirt just seem to find their way onto every surface of every home in Florida. As good as painting is, pressure washing your home will also help with your home’s exterior and value. Pressure washing the dirt and crud off your home will make your house look great and will prevent further problems from developing within your home’s siding.

  4. Roof repair now means a smoother storm season.

    Has your roof taken a beating over the past few years? We haven’t had a major hurricane in a while, but many homes still have some roof damage from the last bunch of storms. Loose and missing shingles look bad, but the real problem is worse than aesthetics. An intact roof prevents moisture from entering your home and causing more problems. A new roof also increases your home’s value, so you’ll likely get some of your investment back when you sell.

  5. Tree trimming now makes for faster cleanup later.

    Hurricane season is coming up, and it is important to keep your trees maintained and your lawn in good shape. Getting rid of yard waste, dead limbs, and other debris will make your home look better, and it will be safer when the weather turns for the worse.

  6. Carpet cleaning – good for looks, good for breathing.

    As great as the exterior is, the interior is where you live every day, so do not neglect those big indoor projects. Cleaning your carpet once in a while is a great way to spend your money and to keep the people in your home healthy and safe from pollutants and dirt.

  7. Air conditioner maintenance today will make tomorrow cool and comfortable.

    Your HVAC system is continuously running in the summer, and thank goodness for that! To keep your system running smoothly and sending cool, clean air into your home, you’ve got to have regular maintenance done. The best times to schedule preventative maintenance are right before it gets hot out, and right before the temperatures start to dip to where you’d wear a jacket.

  8. Water softeners might be a good investment for your home.

    Investing in a water softening system will help you with increasing the value of your home and make it safe for your family. The water in this region tends to be hard on your body and your plumbing, so investing in this system will help with your home’s resale value, make it easy to drink and use, and pay off big time in the long run.

  9. Take a look at flood insurance.

    You probably have hurricane insurance – that’s almost a given here. But not everyone’s got flood insurance, and that could be a costly omission in your insurance coverage. Putting a little money into an insurance policy each month will pay off in the long run if your home is damaged by wind or flooding. Many insurance companies do not cover flooding, so having flood insurance incurs an extra cost.

  10. You could always get Disney passes.

    Spending your tax return on an Annual Florida Disney Pass is much worth the money. As a Florida resident, you’re eligible for special pricing, and it is fun for the whole family! Depending on which package you get, you’ll get many perks others pay an arm and a leg to get.

These are just a few ideas for how you could spend your tax return money. If you’re wondering where your refund is, you can track your tax refund online. Having that extra money and spending it wisely will pay off for you in the end in a big way.