‘Tis the season of giving, and we have several ideas to help you help others.

This holiday season, you can show you’re thankful by doing something nice for others. Of course, wrapping a gift is lovely, but you can always take it further. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are 10 of the best ways you can give back.

  1. Help a Local Tampa Bay Charity

    Giving to those in need is very much in the spirit of the season. Here’s a list of a few charities for your convenience:

  2. Make a Meal for Someone

    Everyone appreciates a good meal. This holiday season, invite a friend over for dinner, bring breakfast in bed to a special someone or help a friend in a tough situation – perhaps struggling with a death, a new baby or an ongoing illness. Perhaps you could even setup a meal train and get others involved to help someone you know is in need.

  3. Be a Big Brother or Big Sister

    Helping a young child from a rough background, or whose parents work a lot, is a gift that requires nothing but time. Imagine the impact you can have in a child’s life by investing your time with them. You may not have the ability to adopt or foster a child, but you can certainly make a huge impact by being a big sister or big brother.

  4. Give Blood

    Give the gift of life by donating blood. If you’re Type O, your gift is especially valuable, because everyone in the world can use it. Next time you see a Big Red Bus in your area, take a moment of time to donate your blood.

  5. Organize a Visitation Group

    The holidays are a lonely time of year for many. You can help make an impact by organizing a group to visit a local senior home, veteran hospital or cancer hospital.

  6. Adopt or Foster a Child

    Some kids don’t have families, a situation no child should have to bear. You can make an impact by giving a child a temporary or permanent home in which to grow up.

  7. Do Pro Bono Work

    Have serious expertise you think could help someone? Offer to do that work pro bono. Legal advice, marketing help, painting or grant writing are all great ideas.

  8. Coach a Team

    Local teams sometimes struggle to find coaches, often because the pay is either low or nonexistent. Again, this is only a gift of time but will pay off big for you and others. Here are a few youth sports organizations you might consider helping in:

  9. Donate to Kids Raising Money

    If you see kiddos raising funds at the grocery store, through door to door visits or by holding a car wash, do the right thing and support them. If everyone gave a few dollars, they’d be all set.

  10. Validate Someone

    A simple compliment often goes a long way. Giving someone a “good job,” “you’re beautiful” or “thank you” sometimes means more than you know. Of course, you could always just offer a hug instead. What more needs to be said?

Another fun idea is to pool money with friends, family, neighbors or your fellow church members to help someone you know (or don’t know) whose home is in need of an exterior repaint. Call in the pros and you can get the job done right, done fast, without the mess or the hassle. Let us know you are doing this as a charity and we’ll also help with the cost.