Got a spare room but no idea how to use it? These tips offer inspiration.

Got a spare room? There’s no point in letting valuable space languish when you could put it to good use. Here are 15 ideas to get you started.

  • Guest Room

    This one’s rather obvious, of course. If you like people – and most of us do – it’s sometimes fun to have them stay with you. A good guest room contains at a minimum a bed, dresser, chair and a stack of towels. If you want to really up the class, throw a bathrobe and a box of chocolates into the mix.

  • Pet Room

    Have a furry friend you especially love? Need a place to store a kennel, dog bed, basket of toys or feeding area? A pet room can be helpful. Of course, that spare room isn’t just for those with fur. Birds, lizards and fish also like to star in the show!

  • Home Office

    Keep your desktop computer, printer, filing cabinet and inbox (you know, the wooden kind) all in one place with a home office. Close the door when you really need to concentrate.

  • Game Room

    Nothing beats fun. Collect your pool, ping pong and foosball tables in a game room. Toss in board games, a pinball machine and that old arcade standard, Pacman, for a dream-come-true space.

  • Home Theater

    Want to watch movies without turning the living room into a home theater? Here’s your best option. You can even go with a projector and large screen, as well as a comfy reclining couch. Make sure to pop plenty of popcorn!

  • Kids’ Playroom

    With children in the house, organized chaos is your constant companion. Keep the kids’ bedrooms tidy and rid of all the toys by organizing them in a dedicated playroom.

  • Salt Room

    Need a break from the grind? Having a salt room in your home is like having a home spa and it’s more realistic to create than you probably think! There are many benefits to salt therapy. Create an atmosphere in your spare room where you can escape reality and get natural health benefits from the salt therapy, anytime!

  • Hobby Room

    Whether you love pottery, painting, scrapbooking, photography or collecting, a hobby room is the solution. It’s also a great place to build a shrine to a theme: cars, sports, family heritage and more.

  • Man Cave or Ma’am Cave

    Yes, a personal space just for Mr. or Mrs. to enjoy the finer things in life. And before you assume a ma’am cave can’t contain bourbon or antlers, think again.

  • Home Gym

    Sweat it out at home with an exercise bike, treadmill, elliptical or weight set, or all of the above. And who knows – with a dedicated space, you might be inspired to use the equipment more often.

  • Library

    Keep your beautiful book collection in its dedicated space with a home library. Make sure to curate your shelves using a system that helps you find books with ease: alphabetical, by genre or even by color.

  • Extra Pantry

    The gourmands of the world will appreciate having extra space to store spices, staples, dishes, specialty cooking implements, wine and more.

  • Craft Room

    Do you love a whole array of crafts, and want to dedicate an entire space to them? You could, for example, put sewing supplies along one wall, paper projects along another, how-to guides on a bookshelf by the window, and a big table in the middle.

  • Darkroom

    Photographers unite. Just make sure to seal all the cracks around doors and use the best blackout curtains money can buy.

  • Bonus Room!

    When you’re not quite sure what to call a room, the word “bonus” really comes in handy. If you want to use a space as a combined office/study/hobby room/gaming area/home theater or whatever, a bonus room is whatever you want to call it.

No matter what kind of room you’re going for, you want it to have a complete look. Home gyms will benefit from a soft green or steel gray wall color, while playrooms often employ bright and vibrant hues. If you want help picking colors and painting your spare room by a professional interior painting contractor, call Don’s Painting at 813-661-9006. Our motto says it all: “We’re not happy until you’re happy.”