A yard sale might be loaded with treasures. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Yard sales happen all the time, but usually, we just cruise on by without making a stop. The thing is, there could be a lot you’re missing with that approach. Not too many people know how to do the yard sale scene right, though, which is why they opt to keep going. But once you do know, you can save money and find some pretty excellent hidden treasures. Here’s a plan of action that won’t go wrong.

Why Go “Yard Saling”?

Everyone loves to save money, and ye olde yard sale is a great place to do that. People give away items for all sorts of reasons, including moving, a death in the family or an effort to make money. When that’s your motivation, you’re likely to sell useful and beautiful items at a majorly discounted price just to move them out. You can take advantage of that by sourcing objects you need at prices you can totally afford.

Make a Yard Saling Plan

There’s no point in just heading out and hoping to encounter a yard sale; you probably won’t, especially in the rainier months. Luckily it’s easy to search for yard sales online just by entering “yard sale + your city” in a Google search. You can also plan a yard saling day for a few months in advance, then keep an eye out for signs on telephone poles in the weeks leading up to it. Once you choose your targets, make a map so you can drive or walk there most efficiently.

Following is a list of Yard Sales and Garage Sales in your Area:

Dress for Success

Wear comfortable shoes, layers in case the weather changes, and sunscreen and a hat if it’s sunny out. Make a tote to carry your items and make sure to bring cash. Most homeowners are not equipped to handle credit cards!

How to Make Money

Believe it or not, you can make a lot of money by picking up in-demand items at a yard sale and then selling them online. Kitchen implements and appliances, furniture, vintage suitcases, clothing and books can all make you a mint if you know where to look and how to sell. A few great options for beginners are eBay and Etsy’s vintage section and of course, there’s Craigslist.


Remember, most people have yard sales and garage sales to get rid of their excess “junk”. Have you ever heard the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Most people are glad to get rid of their stuff by the end of the day… so negotiate with them by making a low ball offer. They may take it! If not, ask them what they’re lowest amount is they’ll take. If you buy something for $1 and resell it online for $20, you just made a mint! If you only get it for $15… well, you need to ask yourself if it’s worth your time and hassle to make the $5 bucks. If they don’t give, then shrug your shoulders and move on… they just may call you back to the table!

Have Your Own Yard Sale!

And of course, you can always have your own yard sale. While it takes some serious preparation, it’s easier than it looks.

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