Be Inspired: Home Improvement Ideas to Go

Florida’s largest annual home show is coming up, and if you go, you’ll come away with so many great home improvement ideas that your head will be buzzing with possibilities. Your home is your most valuable asset, so it’s worthwhile learning how to take care of it and make it even better every year you live there.

Spring Home Improvement Ideas for Your House

Thinking about improving the exterior of your home? Florida’s near-constant sunshine – other than the 25-minute daily shower we get most of the year – can take a toll on your paint, roof, landscaping, and more. Regular preventative maintenance on your yard and the exterior of your home will protect your home’s value and curb appeal, even if you’re not looking to sell right now.

Paying attention to the lawn, plants, trees, and paved surfaces on your property is a good start, but also keep in mind the siding, roof, windows, and doors. A little preventative maintenance now can help you avoid big trouble once hurricane season hits.

Don’t forget about the interior of your home, too, and not just improvements that make your home look like a page from a magazine. Once the heat of summer hits us full blast, you’ll be spending a lot more time inside where it’s cool. Now’s the time to make improvements and do some maintenance projects that’ll help you protect your health and safety.

Think about deep cleaning the carpet or cleaning out the A/C systems to improve the indoor air quality in your house. Look into some organization ideas and tools to help eliminate the clutter, so no one trips over shoes and so you can find a flashlight when the lights go out (and you know they will!).

Visit Florida’s Largest Home Show, and Bring Inspiration Home with You

Florida’s Largest Home Show is celebrating its 31st year and takes place just outside of Tampa at the Florida State Fairgrounds. Over 900 exhibitors will participate in the massive event. There will be re-modelers, landscaping, gardening, decorators, storage solutions, pools and spas, furnishing, and solar, among other exhibits. Any of these home improvement projects sparking your imagination?

You’ll be able to talk with vendors, watch presentations from designers, and of course, fill your wish list with ideas for making your home even more beautiful. The show is not just about beautifying your home; you can also get information that will help you protect your home from hurricane damage, improve the energy efficiency of your home, and more. If you can’t make the spring show, you’ll have another chance in the Fall, September 2-5, 2016.

What Home Improvement Project Will You Tackle First?

Every homeowner’s got those one or two projects they’ve been putting off for a while. Maybe you’ve been waiting for a jolt of inspiration (you know where to get that, now) – or maybe you’ve been waiting for the revolving door of winter guests to slow to a halt. Either way now’s the time to start thinking about the improvements you’ll make this year.

If painting your home’s exterior is at the top of your list of your home improvement ideas this spring, contact Don’s Bay Area Painting for a free estimate. While everyone gets excited about giving their home a facelift, the work involved is a lot less fun than the idea of it. Getting a professional painting contractor instead means your home will be painted more quickly, with less hassle and mess than if you took painting on as a DIY project.

Are you planning to go to the show and bring home a slew of home improvement ideas? Anything, in particular, you’re looking for? We’d love to hear about your experience at the show and the great ideas you brought home.