Small yard? Big yard? Check out these backyard landscaping ideas that’ll make any yard a private oasis.

Looking for some simple backyard landscaping ideas that’ll work for any size yard? We’ve got you covered – and just in time to put that tax refund to good use in improving your home’s appeal.

  1. Take container gardening to a whole new tier.

    Build or buy L-shaped planters that you can stack like steps in a corner of your yard. You’ll find weeding is a breeze. Watering takes just moments on the days Tampa’s weather doesn’t do it for you. And you’ll have a fragrant and attractive garden spot that might even add to your dinner table throughout the growing season.

  2. Go vertical with herbs.

    Build or buy a trellis in a style you like, then attach it to your house or a fence in a sunny spot (or you can lean it up against a tree or wall, and anchor it to the ground). Either drill holes in quart sized metal buckets with handles or buy plastic planters with handles. Then plant an herb garden, one herb per bucket. Hang artfully along your trellis.

  3. Bring some succulent art into your yard.

    Buy or make a 6” deep picture frame any size you’d like – as long as it will accommodate a series of planting trays filled with succulents. Add rows and columns of gardening wire to secure the planting trays, being careful not to damage the plants. Hang it on your wall or a fence and watch the beautiful plants grow for years.

  4. Update your patio furniture.

    Sitting in the hot, humid air for years can make outdoor furniture show its age. Depending on the material, you may be able to paint your furniture to give it new life – or you might even want to consider having it powder coated for an extra tough surface. Don’t forget about new cushions, especially if you’ve forgotten to bring them in before a downpour. Even just changing your accent pillows can make an older patio set look newer. Don’t forget to add twinkling lights and a tabletop planter to finish the look.

  5. Add a plant-filled outdoor kitchen.

    One of the best benefits we enjoy living in Tampa is that being outdoors is almost always a possibility. Especially if you’ve got a covered outdoor kitchen in a screened area, you can extend your enjoyment of being outside with some al fresco dining and food preparation. An extra bonus is that you’ll keep your house cooler by not cooking inside. Be sure your builder makes your kitchen strong enough to stand up to hurricane winds.

  6. Get your splash on, big or small.

    Adding a backyard pool is one of the most common ways people spend their tax refunds. While your pool may or may not add to your resale value, during the years you and your family use it, it’ll be priceless because of the fun memories you’ll share. Not up for taking a plunge? Consider adding a lily-filled water feature to your backyard. The relaxing sound of water will make spending time out back so pleasant it’ll be hard to call it a night.

  7. Cut your lawn for good. (Well, part of it.)

    If you do lots of entertaining, you might want to add pavers, landscape tile, or travertine stepping stones to extend the gathering places in your home. This works especially well if you’ve got sliding doors that open an entire room up to your lanai. Not only will you have more room for your friends to mix and mingle, but you’ll also cut your lawn care chores down to size.

No matter what size tax refund you’ve gotten this year, there’s no shortage of ways you could spend it to enjoy your home even more. Now, if you decide you’d rather paint your home than dress up your backyard, we’ll be happy to give you a free estimate.