Home Pressure Washing Services

Home Pressure Washing Services for Hillsborough County Homes

Be prepared to be amazed by the difference a good pressure washing company makes for your home.

Are you tired of your home looking old or dirty?  Let our pressure washing service bring your home back to a like-new condition. Pressure washing is a safe way to remove debris, dirty, and even some algae growth from your home’s exterior. At Don’s Painting, we provide comprehensive pressure washing services to residential and commercial businesses.

We pressure wash the exterior of your house and other surfaces around your home such as:

  • driveways
  • sidewalks
  • pool and porch screens
  • pool deck
  • patios
  • fences
  • buildings
  • walkways
  • roofs
  • decks

Use our pressure washing services to clean stains, remove algae, dirt and grime and make your home clean.  Even if you are considering painting your home yourself, it’s important to get your home pressure washed before you paint to ensure a good bond between your paint and the surface you are painting such as stucco, brick, wood, etc.

Why Hire a Pressure Washing Company?

Power washing services like those we offer can help to clean away discoloration and grime from the exterior surfaces of your home safely. This can help to protect your home’s exterior materials such as siding or concrete block while also helping your exterior to look clean and like new. In some cases, pressure washing is best done before the application of exterior paint. This extra step makes for better paint adhesion and a fresh, beautiful finish.

We do an excellent job every time, and we ensure your property remains protected throughout the process. Just a few reasons your friends and neighbors in the Tampa area hire our power washing services:

  • Improve the exterior look of your home in just a few hours.
  • Environmentally friendly process.
  • Take years of grime off of your home safely!
  • Talk to us about what power washing your home can do for it.

Not sure if you should paint your home or just get it pressure washed?  Get a FREE pressure washing of your home, driveway and sidewalk when you hire us to paint the exterior of your house!

Why Don’s Painting Is the Best Solution for Power Washing

Let the professionals take care of pressure washing for you. We are trained in preventing damage to the area. We know what chemicals to use, how much to use, which nozzle tips to use and how much pressure to apply.

We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind.

Our team is fast, and we pay attention to the job site throughout the entire process. This ensures your exterior looks fantastic all the time. How do we stand out from others?

  • We offer affordable pressure washing prices. You can expect to save money, boost the value of your home, and enjoy a beautiful look every time you pull up to your home.
  • We don’t use sub-contractors, so we know our team will do an excellent job on every job.
  • There’s no money down!
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • We’re your neighbors and residents of Hillsborough County!

Pressure washing service is available throughout Hillsborough County.  When it comes time to power wash residential or commercial exteriors, call Don’s Painting.

Contact us today for a FREE estimate on our professional power washing services for your home or business.


HOW? We give you a FREE painting estimate, require absolutely NO DOWN PAYMENT, we’re BONDED which means we must finish the job, and best of all – you don’t pay until you’re HAPPY with our work!


Don has been painting homes and commercial buildings for over 30 years, professionally. Each of his painting crew members has over 10 years experience. Get the best, hire Don’s Painting to paint your home or office building.


Are you shopping around for the best painting company and the best value? We are happy to match a local painting company’s quote for the same product and level of service.


Have you considered that perhaps your house or office exterior needs to be repainted? Get a free pressure washing of your exterior when you let Don’s crew repaint your house/office.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Before we paint your home or office, we will pressure wash the surface we plan on painting.  We also pressure walk the walkway and driveway to give your property a fresh new look.

No money down to start your project. We don’t take your money and then put off the completion of your project.  Our job is to get the job done and to make you happy.

We recommend you pressure wash the exterior of your home or business two times per year to keep your property looking new, but also to protect your investment from damage from mold and mildew.

Absolutely!  If you have a bid from a local Tampa area contractor for equal level of service, let us know before we start your project and we’ll match the local competitor’s price.

We are licensed, bonded and insured.  Bonded means that we are obligated to complete the project you hire us to do.  Insured means you are protected in the unlikely event that our employees are injured on the job.

Sometimes, you can get away with a proper pressure washing.  One way to find out is to let us pressure wash your exterior. Then, we’ll evaluate your situation and let you know what we recommend.  If a repaint is recommended, we’ll apply your payment for the pressure washing toward the painting of your home or business.

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